M&A, Real Estate, Renewables and other Transactions

WRG Finvestra advises on the purchase and sale as well as of the financing of companies, real estate and other assets. We structure the deal from a tax perspective, draft all necessary legal documentation, negotiate the transaction, undertake the legal and tax due diligence of the target asset, prepare expert opinions, submit comfort letters and audit the financial statements.

WRG Finvestra advises on the financing of companies, including the issuance and distribution of bonds. This also includes the issuance of electronic securities, of token and the execution of token-based transactions (such as an ICO).

WRG Finvestra has outstanding expertise in the due diligence of funds. Due to our extensive market overview, we are in a position to assess whether the usual market standards are being met which is particularly advantageous for family offices, foundations and other institutional investors.

WRG Finvestra has many years of experience advising on investments in secondary market funds. This ranges from the due diligence of a secondary market fund, the negotiation with the sponsor,  the drafting of offers to existing investors, setting up the purchase agreement and the execution of the settlement.

We assist your company with the following services

  • Accompanying the purchase and sale of companies, real estate and other assets
  • Advising on the issuance of bonds, electronic securities, execution of ICOs and other token-based transactions
  • Advising investors, conducting due diligences, preparing acquisition feasibility opinions
  • Advice on financing and loans
  • Accompanying secondary market transactions
  • Issuance of comfort letters
  • Audits of financial statements