Financial Instruments

Structuring and Auditing of Capital Investment Schemes

We advise sponsors and initiators on the structuring and setting up of collective investment schemes, including closed-end investment funds and other investment schemes, the issuance of bonds, and innovative capital markets products such as token and electronic securities. Together with the initiators and sponsors, we assist in the legal and tax structuring of the products and support the preparation of the legally required sales documentation and the advertising material. We have special expertise in setting up funds in accordance with the European EuVECA Regulation and the structuring of private equity and venture capital funds.

We have the expertise to prepare forecast calculations and any fund calculation and are thus able to visualize the economic concept of the respective investment offer in specific figures.

A strong focus lies in the area of prospectus audits. The prospectus audits assist initiators to improve the quality of their sales prospectuses. From the investor’s point of view the prospectus audit equals a due diligence of the respective investment undertaking.

Furthermore, we prepare eligibility opinions for institutional investors. We pursue a holistic approach that takes into account corporate law, tax law and supervisory law issues.

With view to collective investment schemes our services include the following

  • Structuring of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)
  • Drafting of legal conditions for investment offerings
  • Issuance of bonds
  • Drafting of sales prospectuses
  • Prospectus audits
  • Drafting of marketing documents for the distribution of investment schemes
  • Review of all advertisement materials
  • CRR opinions and comfort letters
  • Eligibility opinions